Enbridge Pipeline Corp
largest in the world
eagerly wants to pay me
urging the court that climate change
is none of their business
and none of the court’s business too

But the best minds of science
and the best of common sense
say it is all our business
the more fossil fuels
we pump and burn
the more damage done
during their 99 year lease
of my grandchildren’s land

So saying NO
evinces a higher public purpose Your Honor
and YES this is about damages
but not the kind one pays upfront

– James Botsford, June 2015

Condemning My Land

I’m supposed to roll over
on my back
and quietly piss myself
as I accept
the Enbridge bag of silver

Though now it is only a pipe dream
of an oily company
a pipeline to nowhere
a paper pipeline
Yet whether it is built or not
and long after the oil is gone
they will by this taking
have rights to my land
my children’s land
my grandchildren’s land

Rights they can sell or trade
or give away
to anyone…or any thing
for any purpose at all
whether public or private
or whimsical

In the giddiness that goes
with the flow of oily money
my private property rights
are trumped
by a foreign corporation
doing business under the Great Seal
of my home state.
And under that same Seal
a judge has Ordered
my case will not be heard…
though I am the defendant!

A cloud on title
A cloud on reason
A cloud on the horizon

-James Botsford, June 2015